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Packards International Motor Car Club is a world-wide club devoted to the enjoyment and preservation of the Packard motor car.  Packard is the name of one of the world's most prestigious and honored automobiles. Owners of Packards realize the proud distinction in possessing an automobile of rare and unequaled heritage.  For nearly sixty years, Packard reigned unchallenged as "The Soft Spoken Boss of the Road" - the supreme combination of all that is fine in motorcars.  Also known as "America's Rolls Royce", Packard established a reputation of ultimate quality from 1899 to 1958. For PI National website:

San Diego Region

We currently have 75 members in the San Diego Region who own a total of 126 Packards - ranging from 1925 to 1958 production year models. See pictures of our member cars here. We take pride in showing our restored motorcars to the public and we are on the road at least once a month.  Among our favorite activities are caravans, car shows and parades in San Diego County.


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Coronado, CA

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tour Director: Richard Schauer


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